Following is an old interview I conducted with Edgar Tadeo back in January 31, 2012. Ed is a Filipino comic book artist born in Taytay, Rizal in November 1974. Edgar is a multi-talented artist dabbling in coloring, inking, and pencilling.

Edgar-TadeoWhat is your name?
My real name is not Edgardo Tadeo – it’s Edgar Tadeo. Only friends can call me Ed. Relatives in the province call me Ega or Egay, nicknames I don’t like.

How long have you been making comic books?
Professionally it has been more than 16 years but I’ve been in love with making comics for 25 years. Before that however, I wanted to be an animator.

Are you a full-time comic book creator or do you have a day job?
Ang tunay na lalake, walang day job. He he he! Seriously, I’m a freelance comic artist. I also create my own comics but most of the time I do work for international comic companies.

If you have a day job what is it?
I tried. I don’t like traveling back and forth for work.

What comic book project are you most known for?
Mostly, Marvel X-books – probably Wolverine ‘coz that’s the first on-going comic book I ever worked/inked on. Second was Iron Man as a colorist.

How did you discover comic books?
Our neighbor in our old place let me borrow their old locally published komiks. The second time I borrowed stuff, he gave me old DC and Marvel comics. I got excited ‘coz they were fully colored not like late 80’s Pinoy komiks which were mostly in monotones.

How did you get started in comic books?
Quite a long story. There was a school of comics somewhere in QC where, Whilce Portacio once visited for a talk. Whilce’s first secretary lived near the school so we asked for permission to drop by at Whilce’s condo to submit a few drawings which included mine. Gerry Alanguilan and Roy Allan Martinez was working with Whilce at that time so they also looked at my work and asked me to have a try out. Whilce asked me what I wanted to try; pencilling or inking, so I said INKING. I did some tryouts over Whilce’s pencils and the next week I was working with Roy and Gerry on Grifter #10.

Who are your greatest influences?
When I was borrowing Pinoy komiks, I got familiarized with Jun Lofamia’s work. I suddenly got intrigued by Alfredo Alcala’s work when I first saw his rendering of Swamp Thing. Then John Totleben’s Swamp Thing. Then in the mid-90’s I saw Jim Lee’s work. That changed everything on how I draw. The list goes on – Whilce Portacio, Mark Silvestri, Rob Liefeld…almost all of the Image guys, really.

What is the greatest comic book of all time?
Hmmm. That’s hard ‘coz I’m a fan of every comics I read. I haven’t finished reading Watchmen, the Swamp Thing compilation written by Alan Moore. It’s like a beauty pageant. I can’t decide.

Who is the greatest comic book creator of all time?
Like I said, it’s like a beauty pageant. We all have our tastes.

What’s the best thing that can happen to the Filipino comic book industry?
I see no problem with the comic biz in general. I’m peeved off by some people who don’t understand why comic books are now Php 30.00 – Php 60.00 instead of the old Php 10.00 per copy. The best thing that can ever happen is that non-regular readers will start reading komiks again. But who cares if they read or not. If they rather spend their Php 30.00 on cellphone load than read a comic book, I don’t mind.

What’s the worst thing that can happen to the Filipino comic book industry?
The worst thing already happened. Some creators made some great komiks and then sold them to a TV network and the work disappeared. I just wish it never happens again especially to the great creators of our time.

If you weren’t making comic books what would you be doing for a living?
Maybe an animator, ‘coz that was my first dream. Also, maybe a painter.

What is the best advice you can give to a comic book creator who is just starting out?
Live the dream.

Hope you enjoyed the interview with Edgar Tadeo!